The application of Steam Link is finally available for iPhone and iPad

After almost a year on the initial denial of the Application Store, launched the Valve today officially apply Steam Link in the App Store, where this app lets users bringing desktop games to the iPhone and iPad.

In the financial period, the company disclosed Valve is that Apple refused to add the App Store, because of what she said to Apple that the app violates the instructions of the store about the content and in-app purchases, while the problem was fixed and the application has become available for download from the App Store today.

Allows the application of Steam Link for users of the iPhone and iPad to access the library of their own games during the contact with the computer operating system Mac or Windows or Linux, where it allows users to get their favorite toys, the phones, tablets in addition to TV and Apple TV.

There are many requirements for this application, including device support for iOS 10 and above, in addition to the call to the same local network on all devices, whether phone or computer, it is advised to rely on router 5Ghz for better performance, and you can also use the console to experience the use the better.

You can now download the application Steam Link from the App Store for iPhone and iPad by clicking here.

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