The application of simultaneous translation for any text on the image features and other advanced

Google Lens


Another application other than the era we have combines a lot of advantages that no longer can do without such as translation, interpretation from and to various languages around the world, and copy text and images without the need to write it manually that determine the required demand of the very old, the time came to become a reality with Google and its applications.

Not only that, the app Google Lens which was referred to at the conference Google Google I / O 2019 and is currently trading in most countries of the world, includes a recognition feature on the product that is unaware of the identity of the user, like work and through the app on the filming of one of the products of courtesy, to turn on compare thousands of products and shows you accurate details about the name and enhanced.

Run the application we will find in the many other collapses, there is no doubt that the most important of them as far as we know is the photocopying of English to immediately extract the English text from the image and your choice of fabric or translation into Arabic where the app includes Google Lens the Translate app Translate By default.

Given that this is the most important feature useful, especially with medical reports in English, where the application is working on translating it to Arabic professional high once photographed. To be able to copy the report translated and send it to whoever you want through social media.

Also the course includes the option for the export of food. To give you a lot of details about this food and other advantages of the Vedas.

The application is assumed not to be available for download from Google Play Store on the following link if not you can download the latest version of the site APKMORROR of the Second Link.




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