The application of Seeing the AI allows the blind and visually impaired people explore tactile pictures

The application is considered Seeing AI, one of the best apps that has ever created to help the blind and visually impaired, has become more powerful in the last update.

Microsoft – a company of the developer – if the latest version gets three new features. So that the app enables people who are blind or with low vision easier way to understand the world around them through the camera on their smartphone.

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People are using the application to accomplish everyday tasks independently as never before. Helps the app users to read printed text in books, menus feeder in restaurants, street signs and handwritten notes, as well as to determine stock and products via the barcode.

It also includes the application on face recognition technology, so that the application can describe the physical appearance of persons and forecasting in the mood.

In addition to that the main feature of the new app, is what allows his company “to explore the image by touch”.

This feature allows users to click better on the image on the screen to hear a description of objects in the image to see the spatial relationship between them. Thus users can explore images of their surroundings in addition to family photos stored in the photo browser, even the photos that were shared on social media through the call options menu while in other applications.

Also, the latest version of the application provides special support for iPad and facilitates the identification of the most important things in the scene, so that users can now customize the order that is displayed in the channel, allowing easy access to favorite features. In addition, when analyzing the image of the other apps, will app now Beeps indicate that the application is currently processing images.

It is worth mentioning that the application of Seeing AI was launched in the year 2017 on the iPhone only, has received a major update in the same year, so that he can recognize colors, and identify securities and coins for four, and handwriting recognition, and more.

The application of Seeing AI is available for free on the App Store.

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