The application of Pulse SMS gets the feature responses of the smart

If you’ll recall, has made Google feature responses smart the first time through the application of their Reply, which ended its support a year ago from now, since this feature was added on the applications of the company between its messages and the Gmail and the Hangouts Chat in the same context a few days ago introduced Google and official application programming interface smart reply to the developers of the external applications, to be the popular messaging app Pulse SMS first external applications and coming with a smart reply.

More worthy to note that this feature is now available in the demo version of the app Pulse SMS 4.8 on Android, and generally for those who are not familiar with, though Smart, is a feature proposed mainly words that are believed suitable answers to the letters received, with respect to the application will show suggestions “Smart Reply” in Proceedings of the notifications panel, and with support it is fully customizable, and if you are not a fan of this feature, you can simply disable it immediately from the App Settings.

Finally, as noted earlier, this feature is not available in the demo version where you can download it via file the APK from hereand if you are not one of the users of the application Pulse SMS, you must think in his experience, where is one of the best apps to manage SMS on Android platform, which is customizable to a large degree, as well as its splendour to those who say text messages from multiple devices.

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