The application of peace – the Koran and prayer times, free, useful, comprehensive and free !

The Holy Qur’an, prayers, dhikr, this is the basics of the Muslim during the day or night, and since everyone carries their phones intelligent among them, remained them to get smart apps only serve the spiritual side, and today we’ll give you the one, the application of power, which will provide all the Muslim needs.

السلام - الصلاة و القبلة و القران

Peace – prayer, qibla & Quran

You are browsing the application of power, you’ll find – so easy to use, the beginning of the presentation broadcasts the Holy Quran by famous Sheikhs around the Islamic world, with the advantage of reminders and the prayer times according to your area, the direction of the qibla and display the nearest mosques to you on the map.

As well as all this, includes the application of power to a set of useful tools, such as dhikr, and to it, as well as displaying Hijri date calculator zakat, in addition to the electronic Rosary, and many other useful features for every Muslim.

We summarize you the features of this application in the following :

  • More than 65 radio stations Islamic of different parts of the world
  • More than 130 rating are from fortress of the Muslim
  • Rosary electronic, which allows the calculation of the number of times of praise electronically
  • Prayer times, using the geolocation of the phone
  • Clock when all the prayers of the possibility to adjust the time and select the alarm tone to be the ears.
  • Digital compass to display the kiss.
  • Date Converter between Hijri and Gregorian dates.
  • The diary of Islamic events
  • The Holy Quran with translation into 36 languages with the interpretation of the jalalein with a voice reading for more than a reciter: the possibility of tagging bookmark and share reading.
  • Calculator zakat in accordance with Islamic law and the various the theater like cattle, gold, silver, money and crops.
السلام - الصلاة و القبلة و القران

Peace – prayer, qibla & Quran

All of this is available the application of power by free for iPhone and Android, both phones or tablets, and you can download it and benefit from it.


Works on devices iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices .

The operating system appropriate : iOS 8.0 and later, or Android 4.0 and newer .

Suitable : for everyone .

Size : 117 MB .

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Developer : Romman Smart

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

Download the app for Android:

Developer : Romman Smart

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

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