The application of Linux on the DeX of Samsung select your Samsung Galaxy computer Linux

تطبيق Linux on DeX من سامسونج لتحويل جهاز الجالكسي لحاسوب لينكس

Last year Samsung announced the initiative, “Linux on devices the Galaxy”, which aims through its company providing Linux system on devices Galaxy, so after they get to DeX “DeX”, this year improved functionality of the DeX so that they do not cost a great cable-only video, in the same context, Samsung has announced last week and specifically at the developers conference, that the DeX will get Linux support fully.

Generally, these early the company said it will come on the form of the application allows users to run a Linux system after you take advantage of Windows Android system, based mainly on the kernel Linux system, this means that developers will be able to transfer the working environment of their own from place to place by phone only.

Now this app which bore the name Linux on DeX available to be only available in the pilot program as APK, on the other hand, also to use the app you will first need to a Samsung device that supports the DeX, then install it, you will notice that it consumes storage space is low because the distribution is not complete but will you upload later.

In turn also not be able to the user to choose a distro of Linux distributions for use on the galaxy, but he will be able to install applications and documents compatible with Linux without problems to use in any place, finally, as we pointed out earlier, the app is now available edition of the pilot, so don’t be surprised if the crash you at any time, and to get them carried it with the APK from here, or to participate in the pilot program to investigate from here.

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