The application of Jumbo new is a strong supporter of privacy on the iOS

تطبيق Jumbo الجديد عبارة عن مساعد قوي للخصوصية على iOS

Since its introduction to users, provide social applications privacy settings to help manage who can see posts, however, we find ourselves surprised when we learn that we have we eat more than we think, whether it is a tweet Old years or post on Facebook we didn’t want to never see them, the Jumbo is a new application to help increase privacy on iOS, and soon on other operating system Android.

On the other hand, the application returns a lot of restrictions imposed by social media platforms, but it might be useful to anyone who wants to reduce the amount of data that left on account of his social, by giving him the tools to clean personal data across a multitude of communication applications and services online, here supports Jumbo currently each of Twitter, Facebook, and Google search service Alexa of the Amazon, to be support later for my Instagram where they One.

In relation to the possibility of working with the application, for example, was the design of the Twitter platform to simulate communication in real life, where the things you say they do is recorded forever, then it is sent later, out of context, today there are millions of people want to enjoy freedom of expression on social media without the downside of creating an endless range of thoughts and feelings, which will be their forever.

تطبيق Jumbo الجديد عبارة عن مساعد قوي للخصوصية على iOS

For this reason the app is developed by building the easiest way to make Twitter is ephemeral, so by setting the duration of time specific to the survival of the tweets in Twitter, and when Solutions time to be rid of this tweet, another example is its application on the Facebook platform, which include more than 30 prepared in the screen of “privacy settings”, for that very reason was the construction of the feature “Smart Facebook” and in the application of the Jumbo which will help to organize your digital data.

Says the same thing on my service to search the Google and Alexa from Amazon, so that with the application of the Jumbo you can organize your searches the old Google, and as is well-known does not allow Amazon to stop storing all the sound recordings in the Alex, but with the app you can organize all the recordings with one click, in turn, noted the team work of the application that they are not storing or processing any data from the server side, where it always and never are trapped on your phone iPhone.

تطبيق Jumbo الجديد عبارة عن مساعد قوي للخصوصية على iOS

Finally the application of Jumbo is currently available on the App Store for free and complete, as we have previously indicated will be made available soon to the users of the system to other Android, we recommend you to experience the app always comes with the tools privacy.

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