The application of Instagram to get updates changing display of publications and add the hashtag to the Bio

 انستجرام يحصل على تحديثات

Instagram gets updates over the past few days and a lot of improvements and enhancements to the algorithms on how to view publications your friends and fans on the time line users and also put the hashtag inside the profile personal about you in your profile page on Instagram

Instagram changes the way we view the publications, most recent first

Announced Instagram that updates its own algorithm to make sure that it is likely to show most recent photos first time Latin your. According to the company, the goal is to “show the timeline more than the image of the modern ” by showing new images more convenient, while maintaining a balance with the algorithm important photos to make sure not to miss the latest job posts that interest you.

In addition to the updated algorithm, chooses Instagram is also a button “new posts” which will allow users to choose the time to update the timeline, if you want to update the timeline you can click on the button and if you press it will continue to be published of old as it is it replaces the current system, where you can not update the timeline automatically forcing users back to the top without warning.

Instagram allows you to add hashtags in the digest user profile

Provided Instagram many improvements allowing users to add hashtags within the Ad Hoc ones personal Bio part of the Ad Hoc user to write things about himself and more information about.

And adding the hashtag will allow users to move to what it needs to hashtag with ease because it has become a link to the interactive where in the past when you click on the hashtag it was just plain text does not contain any links.
To add a hashtag just by clicking on the Edit Profile then move on to the Ad Hoc ones personal bio, type the symbol “#” or “@” will provide a list based of the famous and most-traded stocks that can be added to your page.

Previously submitted the Instagram feature, follow the hashtag

Instagram gets updates earlier, which enables Instagram users to previously follow up on hashtags that have received their attention and their became, follow the hashtag such as follow-up personal accounts, so you can see Always everything New of the images, photos and videos may be published on behalf of the hashtag that you follow.

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