The application of Hashtags instead – get the best and most appropriate hashtags to your photos – supports Arabic language!

Users of the platform Instagram are well aware that the use of hashtags Hashtags are very important to increase the rate of the spread of their photos and reach a larger audience, but choose the hashtag of the appropriate task may be difficult and sometimes requires some time, the application of Hashtags will assist you to choose a hashtag appropriate for your images with ease and freshness.

تطبيق Hashtags لإنستاغرام - اختر أفضل وأنسب الهاشتاجات لصورك!The application of Hashtags instead – choose the best and most appropriate hashtags to your photos!

The use of the application of Hashtags is very easy, initially you have to write the content of the image in the search box and like “Selfie” and the app will automatically bring months 30 the hashtag active and fit to your image, and you can copy as many as you want of those hashtags 10 – 15 – 20 – or even all for use before posting a picture.

تطبيق Hashtags لإنستاغرامThe application of Hashtags instead

The application supports Arabic and English and three other languages, features that depend on feature the hashtag of Live Live Hashtags as the application updates the results based on hashtag activity and living at that time and depends on the fixed menus as do most similar applications. Content is updated the application of Hashtags four times throughout the day to see the latest and most active hashtags.

تطبيق Hashtags لإنستاغرامThe application of Hashtags instead

New updates in the application of the hashtag:

  1. .Search for any crown in any language. We get the following directly from instagram, so always be completely new and relevant.
  2. Search for 4-crown and separated by spaces to get the crown of the target. Such as : iPhone, new, Apple, Green.
  3. Delete any crown and don’t want her to have then removed.
  4. Shows you the analysis the following were the number of publications that are made using these following the number of times the admiration that you need to increase the assessment. We can even guess whether you will increase raises the following if you enter your user name
  5. The use of formatting (layout) to change the way the appearance of the hashtag on instagram.

The experience of using the application of Hashtags :

*** The programme of Hashtags supports Arabic fully brings the hashtag of the leading and busiest in the countries and areas in the Arab world. The app lets you also create a list with the Hashtags of your favorite.

The programme of Hashtags available for download trade free are limited and if you like the app, you can make a subscription later to take advantage of all the advantages in the application.


  • Works on iOS devices iPhone, iPad, phones, iPads and Android.
  • The operating system appropriate: iOS 8.0 and later or Android 4.0.3 mouth latest.


Coder: Wickeyware, LLC

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