The application of Google get tools to upload and share screen shots

Editor feature screen shots built-in are available at present for users of the trial version 7.21 of Google application.

In April of last year, began the application of Google testing a new feature that is with the screen shots of the ROM, and through subsequent updates obtained by the app, Google added some improvements to this feature, however, a giant sea did not deliberately to provide that the built-in editor for all users.

It seems that the arrival of the water has come, as provided by Google for users of the trial version 7.21 of the app, so that bring these women the tools built to share and edit screen shots captured within the news feed and a Google Search, and in order to do them should go to Settings apps Google and then accounts and privacy, so that it appears there is a new option in the last menu called “edit and share screen shots”.

After activating the option to edit and share screen shots, take a screen shot within the Google application leads to the appearance of the plate from the bottom of the page contains a preview of the Mini and the different options to download and share the title directly, so that they can share that title after the Edit and modify them through the list of common core provided by the Android operating system.

And by clicking on the Edit option you get photo editor standard with the options of the economy and painting and writing, with the availability of seven colors for drawing, highlighting or blocking elements within the screen shot, as soon as you do what you want, you can click on the checkmark in the Center to save the image to folder screenshots within the device, and then the emergence of the sharing list.

This feature works through the application of Google, including news feed and search results within the web pages that was visit. which is displayed through the custom tabs in the Chrome browser.


Source: Google application gets the tools to upload and share screen shots

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