The application of Excel on the iPhone allows photographing tables and a fully edited

You Microsoft Update to apply Axl phones iPhone, through the addition of a new feature that allows the import of tabular data using the camera. This feature arrived in March for Android phones, which allows users to take a picture of a spreadsheet printed on paper, and convert it to a table is fully editable in the app.

This feature is one of the most important actresses expected at all, so that will save a lot on users instead of rewriting the tables, so you can just imagine the table and convert it to a editable document in the app, pretty cool, huh?

Used Microsoft technology artificial intelligence to bring this feature to iPhone, in addition to OCR, along with machine learning models to analyze data paper to the table, and will recognize the app on the photo automatically whether financial tables or schedules of work or even task lists and other tables.

Campaign the application of Microsoft Excel for iPhone: here.
Campaign the application of Microsoft Excel for Android: here.

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