The application of ES Disk Analyzer Tool for advanced management of storage in Android

The owners of the phones with specifications the weak or intermediate, with the passage of days and use their smart phones, they will know the problem of filling the internal storage of the phone, which frees them from downloading more apps, as well as on the non-response of some tools the phone default, and the solution is short and delete some applications and files in an attempt to improve storage space.

The application of ES Disk Analyzer and exclusively on the Android platform, be a great solution and manage the storage space, which provides an easy way to find files and unwanted, a review of empty files and large files, and more other functions such as compression tool audio tool for cleaning the phone in a very organized way.

In relation with image compression, there are two options for Lossless and Lossy you can choose one of them for video compression, as a tool to search for large files, causing the app to list all files of size 10 MB and more, with the possibility of administrating of the operations of delete, copy ,,etc.

As well as the option to find out which files consume the largest volume of space internal phone storage, and even space for external memory card SD, as is the case with all his tools it supports external memory card, not only where it comes with a Monitor application the battery, you know any application that step of the Your device battery.

Finally the application of ES Disk Analyzer is available to download for free and in full, that supports Android 4.0 the latest.

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