The application of cultural questions – enjoy your free time and developed your information for free !

With the App Store a wide range of shopping apps and spend time, some of these apps will be useful and helps to develop various skills, others will be value-less, and to assist you to spend your time in fun and useful at the same time offer you today the application of questions of culture .

تطبيق أسئلة ثقافية - استمتع بوقت فراغك وطور معلوماتك مجاناً

The application of cultural questions – enjoy your free time and developed your information for free

Includes application questions a culture more than ten thousand different questions in various fields of scientific, literary and different, allowing the user to test and enrich the information of the cultural different.

Include the questions in the application questions the culture of a wide range of questions concerning the revelations of the Qur’an, the companions, historical events, capitals of the world, currencies, heritage sites, the official language, rivers, inventions, the scientists, the meanings of words, soccer, and more.

The program features:

  • Updated continuously with the addition of new sections.
  • The ranking of players in each section in terms of the number of points and experience.
  • Review questions after completion of the round.
  • Inform about the feedback in question to be resolved immediately.
  • Play without the need to connect to the internet.
  • The possibility of the game without time.

When you download the software for the first time you will need to run the internet once to various questions, after that you will be able to play without connection to the internet.


  • Supports Android 4.1 the latest.
  • The current version 1.25.
  • Size : varies due to the device.

Download the app on Android:

Coder: Taha App

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