The application of camera Google Virtual the situation gets darker and more

تطبيق كاميرا بيكسل

Received the application of camera Google “Google Camera” today a new update raised the number released to 6.2, and in this new version, there are several new additions, some worth mentioning and others are simple, generally in relation to the prominent changes in the former were applicable focused always on Black, immediately switch to Settings you’ll find the interface is very white, but with this new version, it is now possible to activate Dark Mode.

Notwithstanding this support, waiting to see activate Dark Mode on the system level, and on the issuance of “Android Q” high, and is currently the edition of the first pilot, with reference to the update, there are also shifts or transfers between modes camera, video and panoramic pictures, instead of flashing the screen to Black, became the transfer market the effects of the Great alter in and out.

Also there’s a new addition, as when you activate the flash for the front camera, you will see the flash icon Real on the screen, with the young man turned to a dark brown color.

Finally updated the Google Camera app 6.2 already available on his page on the Play Store, and in the case of non-existence, simply download the APK and updating from here.

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