The application of camera Google gets several advantages in the last update

Got the camera app by Google on the Android operating system on the new update includes a number of advantages, including Night Mode, it also revealed the advantages that the company is working on tested.

It is the advantages that I discovered in version 6.2 of the application of camera Google mode the “measurement” Measure that allows people using the phone’s camera to measure distances and elevations, depending on the augmented reality platform ARCore. This allows the situation to save the measurements to the clipboard of your phone as an image with a virtual ruler.

Showed the new version of the app also that Google is still working on the development of imaging technology, accelerator time, which carries the name “Chet” Cheetah, as the company added to the app to Night Mode which works as the Settings operating system and version Android P, Android Q.

Also includes version 6.2 of the camera application improvements to panoramic imaging, and data export HDR+, and also some improvements to the movements between the modes of photography, various.

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It is the advantages that appeared in the new version of the application “Flash” to the front camera, where a signal of “number” to the screen with the increased lighting to improve images captured by the front camera.

This, can download the latest version of the application Google Camera from the Play Store, and you can also download and install it manually from here.

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