The application Microsoft Word on the Android platform exceeding 500 million download


Has become the application “Microsoft Word” on the Android platform the first application provided by Microsoft get up to the 500 million download after the application of the “Skype famous”, where “WordPress” the rest of the Microsoft apps on the Android platform, including apps, Excel and outlook and OneNote which have been installed over 100 million times.

According to the published site phonearena India. although many of the basic features needed by the users of the Word be free, but users need to subscribe to Office 365 service to take advantage of the experience of the full WordPress, which is worth about 70 $ for personal use per year, or $ 6.99 per month, or can use subscription family $ 100 per year.

Users can through the subscription to get the full versions of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, outlook and publisher وAccess.


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