The application Instagram is now working better in the two phones the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max


Two weeks ago, Instagram released an update cause in spoiling the experience of using the app on two phones iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR due to the presence of some problems related to compatibility. Thus, this company paid Instagram to the app to an earlier version of Xcode, which means that the app is no longer designed to work better on phones and Apple is the new big.

For users of these devices, it is a little troublesome, because the previous update was makes everything looks great within the app, but it seems that Instagram has now succeeded in addressing these problems since issued another update makes the app works better on iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

Don’t believe Instagram any declaration in this regard, but if you are to develop Instagram owns either iPhone XR or iPhone XS Max, you’ll notice that things look ” small ” again. It wasn’t a problem of compatibility these are common in phones and the iPhone before, it has been Apple used the same screen which has the size of 3.5 inch for a relatively long time.

However, Apple in recent years to change the screen size on smart phones several times in recent years, which means that it depends on the developers to keep up with the changes. It was the application of Instagram supporter of the early adopters of the phone two iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, so it’s good to see things back to ” normal ” again.


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