The application IFTTT gets 19 new service 33 another service

For those who don’t know the app or the IFTTT service , it is a intelligent system helps you to automate many tasks in your life by connecting the services via the internet and smart home devices. This allows you to, create tasks strong easily, and as such works authors IFTTT to add more new services periodically.

تطبيق IFTTT يحصل على 19 خدمة جديدة ويخسر 33 خدمة أخرىThe application IFTTT gets 19 new service 33 another service

Now, it was announced the introduction of 19 new service, but this does not mean the survival of everyone, as was also noted for the killing of 33 other service.

And we begin the most important new additions description:

  • BroadLink: running on and off devices from anywhere.
  • D-Link Wi-Fi Router: lets you to remotely control your router.
  • GraspIO: suite IoT complete the package with an additional panel for Raspberry Pie and more.
  • HALO Home: turn on and turn off the lights automatically.
  • Indego Connect: connect the device to cut grass with smart assistant Google Alexa and education Google.
  • Lennox iComfort: to get notifications thermostat smart options to control it.
  • myUplink: private smart home devices that send notifications when you reach certain conditions.
  • Panasonic Home Navigation: allows you to connect the service with Google Home.
  • Phyn: detects water leakage and keeps you.
  • Sensate: helps you to control and monitor the device relax smart.
  • SimCam: turn on the sky smart through facial recognition.
  • VeSync Bulb: automatically turn on and off light bulbs smart.
  • VeSync Dimmer: automation dim light.
  • And more.

With regard to the services that have been decommissioned are as noted 33 as follows:

Finally, we find the reference, that IFTTT follow this method of addition and the cascading of the month of May, where the exploited then on the 31 Service and at the same time added 13 new service again.

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