The application Google now supports searching for words and admissions and more

تطبيق قوقل يدعم الآن البحث عن الكلية ومعلومات القبول وأكثرAs part of an initiative Google is associating people to economic opportunities, the provided search application Google the “Google” search function, which benefited tens of millions of job seekers in 12 countries to find jobs suitable to their needs.

But the road to success often starts much earlier than the search for a job, for many, choosing the right College is an early step and important in preparation for the future, however it may be the process of finding the right word confusing some thing, it is not always clear what are the factors that you should consider and what are the parts of information that will be most beneficial resolution.

This is why the Google feature will help users to navigate and search the appropriate word, now when looking for a US College for 4 years like UCLA or Spelman College, will appear information about admission, cost, student life, and more directly into the sea, which facilitates exploration of educational options and find the college that meets your needs.

It will also give you the sea easy access to information about the average cost, including assessments by the income of the family, and you can also search for data about graduation rates in addition to the annual income of the model after 10 years of registration, and to better understand potential outcomes to apply for this dog.

Along the inclusion of the easy ways to explore the enrolment rates in pre-graduation, and statistics about the student body, alumni, adult, and similar operations, provide a more holistic view of schools that you are considering or you may want to consider in the future.

Finally referred Google that this new experiment used public information from the system card to the degrees of the Faculty of the Department of Education of the United States and the system data to complete secondary education (IPEDS), a set of comprehensive data available to the College four years, also has been working with education researchers, organizations, non-profit and advisers of secondary schools and admissions officers to build experience to meet the needs of the College search.

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