The application Google Maps gets new design on Android

After detected for the first time within the activities of the annual Developers Conference your company’s Google I/O 2018 started Google is working to design new materials for application users Maps Google, got a few Android devices on the new design until now and it seems that Google is moving forward in the work the design slowly to all users.

The new design now users who have a version 9.80.2 of the app according to Android Police, and you’ll know you got it once you run Maps Google where you will see a range of changes to user interface, including new buttons and colorful icons on a white background mostly.

Will give users the experience of exploring completely new which is supposed to provide more information about what is available near you, you’ll get a lot of new categories including dining, shopping, services and other areas of interest related to a specific location. Here are some images of the new design:

And put the update on Android devices only at the beginning, nor is there any information about date of arrival for any OS until now, however, given the tendency of Google to bring most of the features of Google Maps from Android to iPhone, you will not be surprised, then, when we see the new design in iOS app soon.

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