The application Facebook Messenger finally gets to feature responses to the school


Got application Facebook Messenger today on a feature I’ve always missed her! many people in this app, and on here are the responses to the policy. This feature allows you to reply to a specific message in a conversation, and that’s very useful when engaging in conversations containing a large range of topics. Using the new feature, will give people who turn to them now-what did I reply to you exactly.

It was this feature in WhatsApp, owned also by Facebook since a very long time, and has always been among the features that were overlooked in the application of Facebook Messenger very confusing. So, it’s good to see this feature making its way finally to the application Facebook Messenger.

In order to quote a specific message, click on it for a long time and will reply button new to the right of the emoji interactive. Click that button, write your response, as is the case in WhatsApp, the message will appear in which you respond the higher your response. Feature is easy, and will help you to deliver your messages to your friends and avoid misunderstanding. Generally, we’ve been launching this feature now users of the application Facebook Messenger on platforms Android and iOS.


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