The application contacts Google now supports Dark Mode

تطبيق جهات اتصال قوقل يدعم الآن الوضع المُظلم

Recently acquired a large percentage of apps Google a new form with the design of the Material Design update, the application contacts Google among the first who received a re-design, given the tyranny of the white color in the design Club, a lot of users to provide situation dark, turn not late Google where all of the application messages and the news had already obtained this situation, the latest application from Google came the time of Dark is the Contacts application.

This feature is currently available on the version of the Contacts 3.2, can access the time through the drop-down menu, and if you are watching Dark Mode running in the phone’s Settings, then you need to disable Night Mode in the options developers.

That’s just what he provided to the new update, there are improvements on the level of performance and, finally the update arrive gradually to the users, in case of not waiting for you. don’t upload it directly via file the APK from here.

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