The application consumes your package without purpose. how to get rid of it?

It seems that the application of Google News, which comes installed in a number of smart phones causing a big problem for some users is that according to a report by The Verge citing publications across the soggy Google civil have they encountered using the unnatural internet packages because of the app that consumes without justification. Those users in the United States of America, Japan, and the United Kingdom at least.

According to one of the users who wrote about it for the first time, at the beginning of last September have suffered this user of app consumption of more than 7 GB during sleep without justification, has been their consumption of internet pack where he was away from the Wi-Fi connection, says that maybe the network is weakened and open a data connection.

Another person targeted 19 GB of the bunch to need to pay $ 240 vs. consumption without have consumed this data already which is very unfortunate.

Although the first publication about this through the forums, Google was on the first of September, however, the users acknowledged that the company had been notified since June at least, so it seems that the solution to the problem is not very easy.

The last report appeared in the sixteenth of October where the focus was on it in a number of reports after the spread of problems across the site Reddit and via website Twitter in addition to the location of the Verizon company famous in the world of communications in the United States of America.

Google has stated Since the twenty-sixth of September that it is working to solve this problem, which has not been resolved yet, so it is clear that Google itself did not specify the cause of it most likely since that statement there is no any new company, American giant.

The only solution now is to stop the app from Settings app or at least shut down to enable it to use data in the background in the settings of your data until the problem is resolved. When the Stop enable app use data in the background will also depend on the work and will not come to you with news through notifications.

Google are developing sophisticated software and very useful techniques later, but the emergence of problems in its applications is not uncommon, where said users of phones Pixels since the days that the camera app doesn’t save photos sometimes.

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