The application CallBlocker – Block scam calls to ban the troublesome numbers on iPhone!

A lot of being harassed and nuisance calls and unwanted hand some people have repeated that the harassment communications are annoying, like that used for some companies the phone as a method of advertising and marketing, which may bother us sometimes through Frequent communication spam and send spam.

تطبيق CallBlocker - Block scam calls لحظر الأرقام المزعجة على أجهزة الآيفون!

The application CallBlocker – Block scam calls to ban the troublesome numbers on iPhone!

So today’s offer for the users of iOS this is a wonderful app that will take control of those recurring problems, where the application CallBlocker of the best applications that help you get rid of calls, messages and spam.

Through the application CallBlocker create a black list of all the numbers unwanted and disturbing doesn’t even hit you once and for all, as the app lets you blocking a set of numbers that start with certain numbers, for example there are keys numbers famous also you can select To prevent receiving any calls start with those numbers.

Also can through the application of the block calls block all anonymous numbers that are given to you automatically where you won’t Can anyone not registered you have in contact contact you.

Features of the application CallBlocker

  • Application simple and easy to use.
  • Black list (a list of numbers, which you wish to block).
  • Note the calls and messages that have been blocked.
  • One click to turn ON/OFF blocker calls, blocker Messaging.
  • Prevent private numbers and unknown.
  • Set the start numbers for its final.


Works on iPhone and iPad-touch and iPad .

Operating system compatible: iOS 10.0 what one.

Size devices Apple: 18.8 MB

Download on Apple devices:

Developer : Konstantinos Papadakis

Price: $ 0.99

  Click here to download

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