The application Airbnb is heading for luxury after the disclosure of the contributions of classifications of new

Airbnb حجوزات

Airbnb حجوزات

Celebrated authors on the application of Airbnb over ten years to establish the application which has contributed to change the form of hotel bookings in the world not to take the Model B&B-traditional and transfer it to the company. Model B&B literally means a bed and breakfast, which is the model to book a room or just a bed, with breakfast.

During the past decade, succeeded Airbnb in offering a variety of options for those wishing to book a room in vacations or quick trips, including cheap, including the average, such as the shutter also which will exceed the cost to stay there is a room in a hotels of the world, but the main objective was to provide a range of options to suit all needs.

The celebration included a conducted by the company disclosure of new labels for cars, after they fall under the common space, private room, or full house, will appear rankings-style vacation home, the spaces featured, bed and Breakfast, in addition to Small Hotels; a “boutique” hotel. Those rankings will begin to access with solutions to the summer of 2018 by a large percentage.

The company revealed the feature groups that allow the search for real estate for the family, or real estate for business trips that involve a large group of employees, and you can also search by occasion, in this way you can search for real estate in the area to host friends and relatives involved for a special occasion as the bridal like.

During the next period, will begin to feature accounts that are documented to appear in the Airbnb, a feature now called Airbnb Plus, which the company piloted with 2000 houses in 13 cities around the world. And give that property to the representatives of the app are going to make a preview of a comprehensive home facilities with capture to raise them for the site also, so that ensures the user to get what is identical to health, and this is a good feature for the homeowner who will also receive instructions about home furnishing or rooms in the best possible way.

It should be noted that the houses documented wouldn’t be the cost of the stay is less than 200 USD per night. It will also provide additional options in those homes, such as the provision of a waiter or chef private dining The Inn.

Finally, will the app on the model States through which you will choose the best customers SuperGuests, best homeowners Superhosts, to the owners of real estate representatives for special tools in marketing, and the possibility of the establishment of the Association a special room within the site. As it happens to the best customers on the offers and rebates special, and that feature is being piloted now with 10 thousand people almost around the world.

The application Airbnb is heading for luxury after the disclosure of contributions and the new definitions first appeared on the tech world.

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