The application Adobe Lightroom gets on the educational programs to show the process of image editing

تطبيق أدوبي Lightroom يحصل على برامج تعليمية تُظهر عملية تحرير الصور

Foot updated the month of “May” for the development of Lightroom from Adobe, the property of the educational programs within the app, which provides turn guidance to a contextual step-by-step photo editing application, where users will be able to Lightroom access and follow along with interactive tutorials using the “inspirational photos”, which contains the panel you know all the steps and modify the final image.

There will Lightroom for Android and iOS systems 60 interactive educational program, with the addition of new lessons on a daily basis, it will also allow users desktop access to six educational programmes to start, but they will have lists contextual help to guide users and the functionality of the tools.

In turn, this step is extremely important, for example some are trying to follow a course of education on YouTube, the existence of some limitations, most notably the use of a different version of the program where all the UI elements and their names are different, therefore the presence of educational classes within Lightroom keeps the content permanently.

تطبيق أدوبي Lightroom يحصل على برامج تعليمية تُظهر عملية تحرير الصور

And the new additions to the other whether on the phone or the desktop, the list of “Common Support,” which will allow other users to create a shared album, with the presence of a link can be emailed to collaborators, that the permissions are adjustable so that they can be tuned to supply only or to give access for download and analysis, as well as the possibility of participants from non-Lightroom add their pictures also, with the calculation of the limits of the stored images only towards the owner of the album.

There is also a slider new versions of mobile and desktop Lightroom, which is a good step for parts of the photo that you want to soften it or highlight it, or highlight detail without affecting the content entirely, as happens to the users of the application Lightroom to a new show includes images of the modern user, there is a feature “edit payment” available on Android only, which in turn will allow users to copy the settings and apply them to multiple images.

تطبيق أدوبي Lightroom يحصل على برامج تعليمية تُظهر عملية تحرير الصور

Finally an update is available for Lightroom since today, you can read more about these great benefits, the transition to the code official Adobe.

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