The Apple Watch save the Old Lady 80 years old!

We mentioned in a previous article –link– How did you manage the Apple Watch help the company to reach the real killer in murder! In the past few days I managed another advantage of the important features of the Apple Watch 4 of the call to help save the Lady of a German 80-year-old. What happened?

Featuring the Apple Watch series 4 with a detector of Falls, which can detect when drops wearers the fall of the strong. And when you feel the coast that fall, cruel, clicking or tingling of the wrist of the wearer a signal to activate it or check on it’s fine, or believe the former voice in trying to attract the attention of a passer-by.

And if you feel that your companion is moving, you will prevent automatically the option to contact the landlord through the use of the Digital Crown. If there was no movement for about a minute, then made a phone call automatically to the emergency services. Do not expect it at that, in addition to the above, the Watch will be sending messages to contacts, which was appointed by the user in advance to inform them of his fall and place of occurrence this fall.

In the past few days, a woman fell 80-year-old in her apartment in Haidhausen, Munich, Germany lost those women’s awareness on following that fall, which led to the leadership of the previous call emergency immediately. Where they received a call that someone had fallen strongly believes that they need help, then you say the sixth to send the coordinates of the position of the victim.

When the ambulance arrived, the crew opened the door. So the use of men the fire to enter the house to find an old woman lying on the ground unconscious completely. At the same time received the daughter of women, an alert was sent from the hour his mother that she fell and need help. Indeed son arrived in time to see his mother and give her treatment by the ambulance crew and women are forced to enter the hospital.

This is not the first case that cause the Apple Watch to save the lives of these old people. In October last played the former a key role in the rescue a 65-year-old fell while cooking in front of the oven, tried to turn off the oven but he couldn’t. And then came the distress and saved LaZebnik from danger.

As a ratio to the Apple Watch also, she helped save another man’s 67-year-old fell in the bathroom and found him bleeding and unconscious completely.

Besides the feature of the fall, featuring the Apple Watch 4 features to other important health issues, such as monitoring the heart beat and early detection of atrial fibrillation, which is the main reason in the occurrence of strokes and strokes and heart disease. It is rumored that the Apple Watch series 5 will include other features such as sleep tracking, this is the development of nurses that already exist.

It is worth mentioning, that the fall detection is enabled by default for people aged 65 and above, if you enter the old data in the application to health in the Apple Watch. In order to prevent false alarms from people who require that they participate in different sports that may lead to the operation of such property. No property is available to detect falls only on the Apple Watch 4 due to the presence of accelerometer, gyroscope.

What do you think of the Apple Watch in the field of prevention of risks? And do you think that Apple will more?


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