The Apple TV still do not have any plans to provide computers Mac companies sensitive to

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Over the years of work Apple has to offer more features that work to strengthen the Sync between iOS devices and MacOS, and this is what led to the emergence of questions about whether we’ll see some sort of hybrid devices in the future, such as computers, a Mac with touch-sensitive. Denied Apple this rumor years ago, and it seems that its position has not changed.

In an interview with the magazine WIRED, revealed the Vice President of the software Division at Apple, Mr. Craig Federighi that Apple still does not have plans to issue a Mac with touch-sensitive. He was quoted as saying : ” We really feel that it is appropriate to use a system of MacOS and your hands on the surface to rest, and raise my arm to interact with the screen is something very cumbersome. I don’t think we look to any of the other people even now, they said, when we can get to it quickly? “.

Mr. Craig Federighi also feel that the current offerings particularly compelling. Rather than provide the computers Mac to the network and sensitive to the touch, it seems that what you’re doing. Apple is trying to run iOS apps on MacOS, but instead of relying on touch, it requires to create a framework that works to translate the touch commands to current commands input using the keyboard or the mouse.


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