The Apple Music service music now owns more than 56 million subscribers

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Service arrived musical The Apple Music service of Apple is very late in comparison with services to other music, but they seem to back it for fast. Earlier this year, the frequency that the Apple Music service have 50 million subscribers, but according to figures released now from the newspaper The Financial Times, it seems that this figure jumped to 56 million subscribers within half a year.

It is unclear how accurate these numbers are, but we are not surprised by the continued growth of the base of participants in the Apple Music service. It also appears that this growth in the subscriber base is due apparently to the interest of the force to buy Apple TV this service through the application of new ideas and not rely only on the strength of the company’s brand to promote the service.

According to a senior executive in one of the three companies leading in the field of the music industry, it has stated by saying : ” I tripped over Apple in the portal three years ago. I didn’t become Apple Music this wonderful product as it was iTunes. They become more serious. they come to us with new ideas all the time, and this is what they didn’t do two years ago “.

There was also a report in the past indicates that when it comes to market music services in the United States of America, may be the Apple Music service has surpassed service Spotify already, and you convince users to subscribe to the service twice faster compared to Spotify, although Spotify still is the market generally.



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