The Apple Music service got an update

Last night, unbeknownst to all, Apple has updated its music service Apple Music. The company radically reworked the design of the tab “Overview” and changed the placement of some elements. In addition, on this page is displayed in a new content previously unavailable to users. It is noteworthy that the update happened on the server – meaning that users are not required to take any action.

The visual changes clearly benefited — now in the tab “Overview” displays more information. On this page, users now offers the best playlists (top 100), playlists from curators, novelties, and the hottest hits. Also became available for the section of genre collections Weekend Warrior (for rock fans) and the Visionary Women (dedicated to the celebration of International women’s day).

In addition, listeners can now see the upcoming music news. Also, users have the opportunity to add unreleased albums in your library. Immediately after the release, the album will be available for streaming.

Currently, innovations are not available to all users. Despite the fact that the changes occurred on the server side, and users don’t need to manually install the update, the update occurs in several stages. So if you have not found the updated summary tab on your device, you only need to wait a bit.

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