The Apple Music app installed on 40 million Android devices, according to a new report

Apple Music Android

We know that some of you may be surprised a little bit when Apple announced that it will launch the Apple Music app on the Android platform. This is because of the habits of Apple in the past, they rarely bring their services to competing platforms. However, it is not strange to see Apple trying to attract the largest possible number of customers.

In fact, it seems that the decision of Apple to launch the Apple Music app on the Android platform is paying off because according to the latest figures from the institution of the Sensor Tower specialized in market research, it seems that it installed the Apple Music app on 40 million Android phones so far. It also seems that the adoption rate of this application in a continuous growth because about two years ago, was the Apple Music app is falling, but for whatever reason, increased the popularity of this app again, but we can’t be sure of the reason.

However, we can’t say we were surprised to see the Apple Music service time to perform well. In fact, this service is considered service music the third most popular in the world after the service Spotify. Moreover, the Apple Music service enjoy the advantage that they come prerecorded with iOS devices, making it easy for Apple to convince users to sign up.

The report revealed the institution of Sensor Tower also to users in the United States of America were behind 28% of the operations of the installation that won her the Apple Music app on the Android platform so far, followed by India at 7%, then the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia 6%, 5% and 4%, respectively.


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