The appearance of the first watch phones, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro – the screen is easy to scratch!

When the announcement of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max stated by Apple that they used glass most durable in the world and that means greater resistance to breakage but it looks like glass though, easy to scratching, according to some users.

خدوش شاشة آيفون 11

Product Apple TV technical support by several complaints from some users of the iPhone 11 about scratches as mentioned some of it easily, despite their severe do their and take care not to contact with any sharp objects.

خدوش شاشة آيفون 11

Some users reported that the phones iPhone the older they got wasn’t fool that easy. although used for years in the when scratches started appearing on the screen of iPhone 11 new after just several days.

خدوش شاشة آيفون 11

Explain that maybe is due to the decision of Apple to increase the durability of the glass-covered iPhone 11 this led to increased resistance to breakage and reducing the resistance to scratching, are user hard to break but easy to scratch. That is the theory closest to explain what happened. (Photo source: forum Apple official)

خدوش شاشة آيفون 11

The use of glass screen protection is essential!

Apple so far did not comment on it. If you possess any of the versions of iPhone 11, the three of us use the glass to protect the company in the nearest time in order to keep the screen to its original state without containing or forming scratches.

Also you may need to cover to protect to save the rear glass also from any scratches. Some may see that as a sacrifice to enjoy seeing the phone and its design because the order of priorities required to maintain phone first.

If you are one of the users of iPhone 11, is your phone easy to scratch really?

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