The appearance of the first Nokia phone with a hole to the network

The HMD, which manages the relationship of the Nokia smart phones, the revival of the brand promise successfully through a series of phones available include different price categories, and now to be one of the first companies that adopt the design of the screen is perforated just like the Samsung series of phones Galaxy S10.

Will the new phone name Nokia x71 series will be completed on the hole in the screen contains selfie camera accurately 48 maps, the company has confirmed that the official unveiling of the phone will be in April 2 in Taiwan, and will be the first phones HMD smartphone that has a camera background accurately 48 maps have been developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, one of the three cameras, the background, including also a wide angle lens 120 degrees, and the second for the purpose of we didn’t know it yet.

Although the disclosure of the Nokia x71 series in Taiwan next week, but I’m sure that sense for the first time shortly afterwards but under a different name, which is Nokia’s 8.1 plus, a device that was leaked not so long ago where it will be the international version of the x71 series, and will come back with a double, but with the same screen size 6.22 inch.

In the end, we’ll know more about price and availability early next week when I reveal the HMD for Nokia x71 series that comes international model later for a slightly higher price, so be on the watch.

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