The appearance of the first details of the processor Kirin 985

Revealed Huawei’s processor Kirin 980 flagship own a few months ago, which deals with the Senate 855 Exynos 9820, and now the company started to develop another processor, where according to reports, will be launched processor Kirin 985 in the second half of this year, will be artificial intelligence and the performance and capabilities of the best.

It is expected to increase significantly the production of processors in the second half of this year, where they still rely on processors MediaTek and Qualcomm in a small number of organs available, but Huawei is now working to reduce their dependence on other manufacturers.

It is therefore expected to increase Huawei of production of their products Low also to the side of the leading processors, depends processor Kirin 985 base on the technique of EUV resists “UV” core 7 nm, as has been said, will be issued to this processor in the second half of the year as the successor of Kiran 980.

At the same time the company will continue to launch a series of its smart phones leading Huawei P30, which also includes the P30 Pro, وP30 Lite, is scheduled to hold a conference launched on 26 March in Paris, France.

Source: gizmochina

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