The appearance of the details of the return of Microsoft to the market phones

Before the start of the launch of the operating system Windows Phone unsuccessful for phones, Microsoft is quite confident in his success, therefore, remain currently hesitant to re-attempt to enter the world of phones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work on search.

The Andromeda special price Microsoft on the production of the foldable phone, which will come on behalf of The into service, as the site leaks Windows Central, who began working on it since last year, hoping to be officially launched during the autumn of next year a double.

But despite previous failures with Windows Phone, the company does not intend to use Android yet, to come into the system supports Windows Core OS, that is a later development of the Windows Platform supports different devices and applications within the project Andromeda.

This projections indicate that the Windows Core OS will be the latest version of Windows 10, which means that the stars not much different from the last generation of Surface Pro, but it will most likely be smaller and easier to deal with the two screens for different uses, which include the exploitation of one of the two screens as a keyboard touch and the other as a traditional PC.

Source: Windows Central

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