The appearance of Honor Magic 2 with 4 cameras background

Use of honor of Huawei telephone declaration by the Magic 2 on October 31, the company has confirmed officially before the advent of the phone best to tell cameras the front and the words on the screen only.

While behind Onur Magic 2 Mysterious, indicated a leak today to the presence of the 4 cameras back, and the coming of the phone in two colors: black and a mix of blue, turquoise and purple.

ONUR has not launched a phone with a camera background of the trilogy yet, what makes us doubt in the legitimacy of the leaked photos that look “too good to be true”.

Recall that the Galaxy A9 became the first smart phone with a camera background of the Quad when he announced in early October, a few days after the launch of Galaxy A8 in the back with three late last September.

It is true that the number of studies varied helps to provide additional functionality to the camera is reflected generally improving the browsing experience, but the phones pixels a well-known reputation in design, which still used the rear camera mono you always tell us that it is not working always.

Source: Gizmochina

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