The appearance of Galaxy S10 Lite balm on the platform performance test

While we wait for the declaration of a three-Galaxy S10 March next, at noon today version plus the mandate on the platform of performance test, as it appeared rumor about bringing a new feature to the camera.

Phones pm Flash model of their own, SM-G970 version S10-Lite economic, SM-G975 copy of S10 Plus – knowing this that make women economic result of the top does not point to anything necessarily, because we are in the early development stages.

Revealed the appearance of S10 Lite balm on the test platform, the screen resolution used in each; the size of the screen of the lite version: 360 x 760, translates to a resolution of 1080×2280 pixel dimensions of 19:9. While the screen size of the copy plus 412 x 869 mean accuracy of 1440 x 3040 pixels.

It also revealed the group of XDA about a new feature known as the “Bright Night” will camera phones of codes the Android System 9 in the experimental stage.

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It seems that the feature is a shooting mode sophisticated fits low light and at night, it is reported that, like “Night Sight”, which reached months ago with the pixels 3, and therefore will improve the lighting of photos in low light, depending on the processing algorithms of a group of images to produce a final image is clear.

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