The app will tell about diseases of the heart and vessels without incisions and injections

Many people use fitness trackers and other analyzers of physical activity. However, they give only a superficial idea of the work serdechno-vascular system. But what if there was an app that could act like a real diagnostic technique and in some cases replace invasive procedures? Almost sounds like fiction, but nevertheless a similar application was recently created.

There are a number of indications that it is necessary to appoint examination of the coronary arteries. For example, chest pain – the first “ring” of angina, which can lead to heart attack. Such patients undergo CT-angiography is a procedure in which through the puncture into the vessel is introduced a probe and “stretches” to heart. You need to do to assess narrowing of the coronary arteries and the decision on further tactics. This procedure is unpleasant, but it is the “gold standard” in identifying pathology of the vessels of the heart.

However, according to the edition of EurekAlert, the new method will allow to do without a puncture and use of the probe. A special computer algorithm called FFRCT and it takes into account information obtained from CT-scans, so it calculates what can be the blood flow in these vessels to calculate FRK – fractional flow reserve. This figure, which indicates the ratio of the pressure in the segment of the coronary artery below the stenosis in the aorta at the moment of maximum load.

In the conducted study involved 3,500 people, 30% of which thanks to the new method revealed a moderate severity of stenosis of coronary arteries. Moreover, the “traditional” method confirmed these data. According to the authors of the study,

“The results demonstrate that Naivasha the combination of CT angiography and FFRCT provides reliable results for patients with moderate stenosis. So many people are in principle not required unpleasant invasive procedure, which can be replaced for analysis with application.”

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