The announcement of the C64 Mini

The United States launched the simple version of the C64 on 9th October. Which feature outputs high quality video and audio output via HDMI, plus a range of compact games, with a joystick control, and USB ports, keyboards, and even C64 BASIC.

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I’ve finally returned Commodore 64 in stores!

Well, maybe it’s not specifically limited to the Commodore 64. It’s a little different. It might be in color? Or USB ports? I can’t put my finger on what has changed …

On 9 October, the announced retro GI limited officially announced the launch of the C64 Mini for US customers, you will be able to Americans get action games the size of half the size that was reserved in the past for NES Mini, SNES Mini, and Atari Flashback.

While the Mini was in the European market for a few months, and October is the month of its entry into the North American market.

  • What is the C64 Mini ‘s?

C64 Mini is an entertainment program for a computer to Commodore 64 Classic. Works Micro-Computer Based on ARM to re-design the environment software Commodore 64 original is perfect. Such as the C64 original, small plugs in your TV. But instead of using the coaxial cable and the synth Channel 3, you can get an HDMI cable, units of pixels of high definition. And don’t worry, though: the Mini on the emulation scan lines so you can experience CRT retro, even on a 4K TV talk.

You can choose from among the games included which number 64 game using a custom launcher called “Carousel”. Each game also has four save slots, allowing you to freeze the game up and running again on the moment you closed it. It also covers built-in games cut Comprehensive from games famous 8-bits, if not your favorite game, you can add your own games using USB ports built-in. If you can download it from one of the sites of the old games.

And forget the retro games users BASIC also. Includes C64 Mini programming environment the BASIC original. Operate BASIC programs on the Mini exactly as it did on the Commodore 64 original, and if you still have some of the magazine compute’s Gazette old, you can write those programs and make them work! You will need to keyboard USBلتنفيذ this, however, the keyboard on the mini-physical is just a prop looks good but it doesn’t work.

May differ games included also for what you might find in versions that are sold in other countries due to licensing agreements, distribution and various That Lets games Retro of conduct with the persons who possess these characteristics. Apart from that, since you can install any games you want, this should not be a problem.

  • Of the beneficiary of the Mini ‘s?

Mini has been specially designed for anyone who loves classic video games. Where is the representation of some of the greatest games of all time. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, you can also upload your own software, so you can grab the game from any position of sites out there that have files .D64 for download, all you have to do is connect it and then start playing.

Children could also play some of the games that originated them their parents (or even grandparents). For example, my baby likes some of the Jumpman.

  • Do you want one?

Mini is a fun ride in the games retro. I have tested one for a few days myself, and while it might have felt to review some of the feelings Classic since 1983.

But the Mini also has some drawbacks. Such as “keyboard” for example they are just a piece of plastic molded that doesn’t work, there is no place to connect the cartridge, or the arms of the old directive of 9 years, or the real drive. There is also no network connection of any kind.

It also gives you the retail box MiniC64 USB ports and the possibility to download games. I did have retro games better than any of the consoles retro other. You don’t need a hacked system to run downloaded games; you just need a joystick and the USB and the $ 5 and downloaded. While the current programme is somewhat more limited, but the company is Retro Games a new version of the firmware before shipping date, which gives users more freedom to mount disk images and customize the ring structure.

I also have some concerns about the joystick. It’s a bit harsh, and many of the people in the group Facebook report hacked by mistake. And is considered one of the best things you can do for yourself Is order a set of boards games USB (it seems that any of the pads USB SNES style with eight buttons work just fine) if you find yourself spending a lot of time on the Mini. You’ll also need a USB keyboard. No because the USB keyboard should work.

Finally, if you are comfortable to install emulators emulators, you may find that the emulator emulator on the PC will do what you want. The program inside the Mini is the distribution of its customized Linux with a custom build for a VICE which they live. So there is nothing in the Mini you can’t get it through a computer that is running Windows or Mac or Linux running Vice (or maybe a Commodore 64 Forever, and if you want to player games great.) There are even package emulator are for the Raspberry Pi, such as Combian or RetroPie, which can handle the games c64.

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The announcement of the C64 Mini

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