The announcement of Shao Water Play price 600 SAR

Announced Shao my new phone today – water play.

Comes Water Play built screen (note) the carousel, like in Galaxy A8s we recommend 4, but it relates to discovering the supreme, since it is circular it is not accurate to call it NOTA drop of water.

With a cell phone you will find dual camera lined up vertically like that in the iPhone X, and you’ll notice also the embodiment of attractive colors flowing.

Away from appearance, to you specification Shawty Mi Bly stated.

  • LCD screen, measured 5.84 inches, the accuracy of 1080×2280 pixels
  • Processor MediaTek P35
  • RAM to 4 gigabytes, the storage capacity of 64 gigabytes
  • Battery 3,000 mAh charge through micro USB port
  • Fingerprint reader back
  • Rear camera accurately 12+2 maps

Expect a device running Android 8.1 of the fund. This, according to the policy of the Shawnee that offer cheap rates exchange for value, the water play in China vs 160$ -600 Sar, and we know after the line is available in the Arab markets.

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