The announcement of Oppo A7 average specifications possible in the games

The company disclosed the oppor officially on the latest phones from the category available for Oppo A7 with a large battery and HyperBoost up for the first time to the phones.

Although the Oppo A7 uses the processor Snapdragon 450, the new technology that is similar to the technique Huawei GPU Turbo will make the performance smoother by 31% in a lot of games including FIFA and according to the company.

Addendum to the report of HyperBoost, the battery 4230 mAh will make you enjoy in games for a long time with a screen 6.2-inch accuracy 720p dimensions 19:9.

Speaking of cameras, the rear double accuracy 13+2 maps, but the front is possible: strictly 16 maps used artificial intelligence in many of the features of image capture 8 maps the impact of the cosmetic, and like the rear camera to allow modification on the blurry background image after it is captured.

Available for Oppo A7 in China memory random 4 gigabytes of RAM with 64 gigabytes of storage capacity and scalability to add external memory, is priced at$ 230 (863 Sr) is expected to rise outside of China, to get some markets on the option of storage to 32 gigabytes.

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