The announcement of Nokia’s headline reveals the Nokia 9 with the release of another camera integrated into the screen

Published company HMD recent ads trailer of the conference hall during the MWC the year 2019, where he is scheduled to reveal the Nokia 9 possible settings the camera the quintet with the release of the last of the Nokia phones special design hole in the screen.

Nokia MWC event teaser Nokia 9

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Apply conference phone the world in Barcelona during the month of February many of the ads funded by the Giants of manufacturing the phone, and the HMD will not attend this year’s special with ideas associated with smart phones that comes for the first time 5 of the cameras in the background.

In a series of ads headline of the conference of Nokia related also revealed another phone company come with features from the new versions to the hole of the screen which houses the camera selfie, where is the official announcement of the new releases on the 24th of February.

Confirm leaks on that phone that features a hole in the screen is different from the issuing Nokia possible camera five Nokia 9, due to different from shopping catalogs that appeared on the phone yet, expected to come to Nokia phone 9 design and introduce in the lower and upper side of the company.

Also expected to be a version of the other possible with a camera built in the screen is the Nokia 8.1 Plus the product of the advertisement from the HMD, however, the official conference of the purchase of HMD during the month of February will reveal more details about the technology next Nokia in smartphones this year.


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