The announcement of a new horror game Negative Atmosphere which is similar to Dead Space

The company disclosed the sun scorched the leader in the development of video games they are working on a horror game new games the second as the Negative Atmosphere, through the release of a video trailer look through it, it’s inspired by the game series of adventure horror Sci-fi and non Sci-fi series and horror games Dead Space.

The police haven’t commented on a release date however they noted they are working on the game for five months, and aims to have a demo ready by 2019.

It is scheduled to issue Game Negative Atmosphere for PCs and the current generation of home appliances PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Noted developer that the game uses unreal engine 4, which engine is capable of producing millions of particles without affecting their performance, what allows to show the title of the dynamically

Toy Story of terror new Negative Atmosphere

And the events of the game according to the data announced by the team work of the developer in the space, during the period of the Cold War, and the main character of the game doctor named ” Samuel Edward” the 49-year-old was sent to space with a team to complete some tasks.

But during their journey infected some members of the crew of the ship, and some existing robots have a virus that turns them into terrifying creatures kill other human beings present around them.

And the player starts after the injury around him in the ship that the virus that turned them into monsters to escape them and kill robots that have been infected, the more you progress in the game deteriorate the condition of the hero’s mental and hallucinations.

The game is characterized by a large number of weapons, projectiles, drones, and robots that can kill her and penetration, as characterized by the possibility of monitoring the heart rate of the hero that change the speed and color with the deterioration of the health situation.

It is worth mentioning that the events of the Games series famous horror Dead Space Spin in the space vehicle has been lost contact from the counseling team, the player must help power the vehicle’s landing offers the hero and his crew difficulties and the many challenges you must solve to get to safety.

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