The American version of the Galaxy S10 or Russian: who is faster

Despite the fact that we live in the era of globalization, Samsung is committed to the recognition of this fact, pursuing the dividing line between the inhabitants of different countries. This can best be seen on the example of the flagship smartphone of the company, which from country to country have different hardware. It is the reason that model intended for sale in the United States, are more attractive than those that Samsung officially deliver to Russia.

As found by the it journalist Gary Sims, the lead speakers Gary Explains on the portal AndroidAuthority, version Galaxy S10 on the basis of the Snapdragon processor 855 is much faster in General with Exynos chip 9820. The latter is the result of the work of the Samsung, despite the fact that is made for 8-nanometer process technology, almost like top solutions industry, shows himself not at its best. At least in direct comparison with the brainchild of Qualcomm.

Snapdragon and Exynos 855 9820: who is faster

To compare the performance of two instances of Galaxy S10 with the Snapdragon and Exynos 855 9820 was chosen benchmark SpeedTest G, and the objectivity of the experiment, the test was recorded on video. According to its results the winner with a lead of 17 seconds to beat the system on the basis of “stone” from Qualcomm, which came out the leader in each of the three tests: CPU, GPU and I have. This is a serious gap, which demonstrates the clear superiority of the technologies.

However, not all performance are of paramount importance when choosing a smartphone. Many first of all pay attention to its autonomy. In this sense, the Exynos processors have always shown themselves only with the best hand, providing the flagship apparatus the Samsung longer battery life than the Qualcomm. However, with regard to Galaxy S10 to do any conclusions still early. We need to wait for testing of commercial samples, which will be on sale.

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