The American company Taylor’s “reinvented” acoustic guitar

Once Apple “pereizobreli” phone. At least, she announced, presenting the world of the iPhone. The significance of the advent of the iPhone, there really is difficult to overestimate. And what else would you reinvent? Company Taylor decided to re-invent the acoustic guitar.

The guitar is an empty box connected to a neck to which the strings. In this form it has existed since 1500 years. In the US premium market for acoustic guitars is based on three companies: C. F. Martin & Co., Gibson and Taylor Guitars. Martin guitars have existed since the late 1800-ies. Gibson in business since 1902. Taylor can be called a beginner. The company, named after founder Bob Taylor, is working on tools since 1974 and demonstrates an innovative approach.

If expect innovations on the market of acoustic guitars, you should wait for them from Taylor Guitars. Patented Expression system from Taylor has got worldwide popularity among musicians that are playing on acoustic guitars that are connected to the amplifier. The company now represents what she called V-Class.

What is the V-Class from Taylor Guitars

In 2011 the company joined the Taylor Guitars Andy powers. He is spoken of as the heir to Bob Taylor. Exactly Andy powers has developed a new system of internal mounting, the V-Class which was introduced this year. It is used in most premium product of the company – the guitars, the cost of which ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 9,000.

The idea of creating a V-Class came to mind Andy powers, when he surfed in the Pacific and watched the patterns that have left his Board on the water. So he invented a new method of fastening the upper part of the body of the guitar.

Long time there is a problem with the flat upper part of the body of the guitar. It is responsible for the balance between volume and duration.

The more flexible is the top material, the higher the volume. For example, the banjo is used very flexible plastic. Because of this air has more space for movement, which increases the volume of your instrument.

Thus, the stiffer the material, the longer will be the sound. In the case of the same banjo, sudden and sharp sounds quickly fade.

In guitars, as a rule, used X-shaped mounting upper part of the body that gave the right balance between volume and duration. When powers tried to use their V-shaped mount, he felt he opened Pandora’s Box. The balance between volume and duration has changed dramatically. Guitar V-Class sound like a piano in the hands of the musician.

Andy powers spent several years on the elaboration of his ideas before implemented it in the final product. V-shaped mount allowed him to get rid of the problems with loudness and duration of notes, which are taken from the attachment neck. Many guitars have a problem with that, and the V-Class today may surprise guitarists who are accustomed to acoustic guitar.

Powers believes that even though the guitar and has existed for over 500 years, we practically know nothing about her. It is possible that in another 500 years it will change much. Who knows what else you can change for the better, if you pay your attention to it.

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