The American College the robot began to teach philosophy

In recent time robots are increasingly part of our lives. In all seriousness discussed the issues of giving robots some rights, soon the robot will perform in front of British Parliament, and recently it became known about one more rather unusual experiment. In one of the colleges in USA the robot began to teach. And it is not an exact science like mathematics or physics, and a very specific subject — philosophy.

The experiment was held at the U.S. Military Academy at West point, and the robot-teacher is named Bina48. In General, Bina48 is a fairly old design, which in different times called intelligent robot, social robot, and even Android. Bina48 as stands for Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture.

But back to the experiment. During a series of lectures Bina48 the robot with one of the teachers of the University William Barry gave a lecture on philosophy to the audience, which was approximately 100 students.

“The main goal of the experiment was to understand whether the AI to conduct the lesson in class. Will he be able to convey to students the essence and cause interest in the subject.” said William Barry

Before the experiment, in memory of Bina48 has uploaded a vast array of data about the theory of war, politics, philosophy, and lesson plan written by Mr. Barry. In this case, the robot was forbidden to use materials from the Internet as Bina48 “can easily cite Wikipedia or the Stanford encyclopedia”. In this case, the researchers wanted to adhere to the curriculum and build a dialogue based on it.

“Before class, we thought it will be entertaining. However, we were very surprised when the students began to take notes, and the robot without any problems answered all questions asked of him.”

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