The Amazon deal also on Eero officially maintains the character of its employees full

أمازون تُتم صفقة الاستخواذ على Eero رسمياً وتحتفظ بطاقم موظفيها كاملاً

Do Amazon officially deal acquisition on the company Eero leading wireless routers, content on this occasion a discount of$ 100 when you buy a bouquet devices Eero full, to become in store Amazon today a new type of product offered to the public and increases its market share in the field to configure wireless networks with Earn support for their products previous related Hotel is within the smart home the various.

And you didn’t know any of the two companies for the amount that a transaction was made; but to change the political work of Eero after the acquisition and the method of dealing with tracking the activities of users online was suspended the director of the Department products in Amazon’s Dave Lemp present that will not change any of the privacy policies that as long as action by the company will be respectable way to protect the user from tracking.

Also via Dave, about how efficient the team Eero workers describing their work wholesale and commended the crew of its engineers and the work approach followed and customer service; noting that Amazon will keep the crew working fully without any changes, he added that during the period from 6 months to a year will utilize the services of Eero facilitate dealing with smart home devices clearly and.

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