The advent of the iPhone foldable in the video and photos imagine the

Now Samsung phone rollaway reality at a very high price equivalent to SAR 7,500, as is the case with each product is the first of its kind, the opinions were different about him, where he surprised the other how to look like Galaxy Fuld, while others see that it’s so huge and impractical.

If modern Samsung true, we’ll see new models of hardware folding regularly, which means that it will be notice errors that appeared in the first generation of the device. We also know that some other companies have devices similar under development, which helps in the formation of a separate category of new smart phones.

Taking this into account it is natural that people wonder if Apple will join the market hardware folding, and I’ve already seen a patent assume that a giant of the American technology is working on a device of this kind which would make sense as it will provide a forum for luxury only, and certainly the SAR 7,500 the price is very attractive for the Apple TV.

Building it has been creating designs imagine, you know a mix between the current generation iPhone folding screen with camera hole in the screen, which seems logical to a large extent, where it looks like the iPhone is locked feel the iPad is open, which is the most likely design to be done by Apple with the foldable phone of its own. As is the case with the Galaxy Fuld, when you close the device looks tall and thin too.

Keep in mind that these are just perceptions imagine the phone at least will appear after a few years, this concept that looks the iPhone folding is better than Galaxy Fuld with his body lean and his foreign bulk.

If Apple decided to add that phone to their production lines, it most likely will be reflected in the second generation of the Galaxy Fuld, and by that time it will have undergone a Samsung phone rollaway to drastic changes, for example, hopes the giant Korean to hide the camera completely under the screen in the nearest time, as well as get rid of the sheet and the hole of the camera and everything that might disturb the eye in the experience of the screen.

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