The advantages and disadvantages of using Galaxy Fuld

Believe the Watch screen Galaxy Fuld news headlines in recent days, prompting Samsung to postpone the launch of the phone to the midwife to commend, but let’s assume that the Korean company has succeeded in solving the problems of the device and launch it through the month, what can be expected by the user? To you advantages and disadvantages according Review Business Insider.

Feature: internal screen is great and easier to carry than most tablets

Might suggest screen size 7.3 inches it is not very big of which add up to more than 6.5-inch phones leading, but it is much larger because it depends on the dimensions of 4.2:3. Petition.

How come the screen accurately 2152×1536 pixels and they lit up better and clearer than the screen of the iPad mini 5.

Drawback: the place of the joint in the middle. example

When looking perpendicular to the screen may not show the impact of the joint, but looking from the side shows the impact of the preferred network.

Feature: long battery life

Tells the references that I can use the Galaxy bare a full two days without the need to connect the phone to the charger for a moment, he rubbed a lot about a battery that lasts a day or day and a half we find in flagship phones … this is thanks to the two batteries with a total capacity of 4380 mAh.

Defect: the external screen is too small

Also may suggest a screen size of 4.6 inches it is not small, but the truth is it’s remarkably small when compared to the screen of iPhone 8, $ 4.7-inch, because it depends on the dimensions of the 21:9 LONG.

Feature: perfect for multi-tasking

You can also enjoy the big screen when you run the application or game once, you can use feature of multitasking to open up to 3 apps at the same time look very practical.

Defect: the price is too high

Will be available Galaxy Fuld at the price of 2000$ is almost, double the price of any phone market leader almost.

Feature: full auto excellent

Camera of the three same existing phones Galaxy S10 lens 18 maps very wide lens 12 maps close to the lens of the 12 Maps is wide, so the imaging results on the same quality of the results of the Galaxy S10, with the knowledge that he can use rear camera on my phone and tablet.

It also offers a selfie camera the top of the screen, big and small, each of them accurately 10 maps, and add those to the status of the tablet, there are telephoto lens with 8 maps, and can capture a regular photo or selfie the status of my item.

Drawback: does not support Pen S-Pen

There is no doubt that support Pen S-Pen that comes with the series Galaxy Note will make the large screen useful in drawing apps, take notes, and some additional tasks, but unfortunately not supported by the device.

Advantage: the app works smoothly when you move between phone mode and tablet

Some famous apps like Facebook, Maps, Google and Twitter, you can resume use of where you are when you move between the big screen and small. But applications that do not support the water may return you to the interface first. In any case, the browsing application is going quite smoothly on the two screens.

Disadvantage: difficult to use with one hand in tablet mode

Difficult to use the big screen in the talks, although it is recommended to timely transition for the small screen, but its too small for a lot of other tasks.

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