The advantage of two great kids coming to WhatsApp soon – you know them!

Choose WhatsApp currently new features in the beta version its ready to launch in the near future to all users worldwide, and it features two new have been spotted recently in the last update for the pilot: the advantage of the internal browser and search for images on the internet known as reverse search for images.

ميزتان رائعتان قادمتان إلى تطبيق واتس آب قريباً - تعرّف عليهما!

The advantage of two great kids coming to WhatsApp soon – you know them!

Feature to the internal browser in-app browser allows the user to view links to internet within WhatsApp in this way the user is not forced to leave WhatsApp for the content of the link.

This feature already exists in other apps like Facebook There note that the internal browser built-in WhatsApp will alert the user if the link that offers to open it is harmful or not it is safe. Also will not say WhatsApp tracking tracking your browsing history and links that you open.

ميزة المتصفح الداخلي in-app browser

Feature to the internal browser in-app browser

The second feature is the feature of reverse image search which allow a user to upload a picture I sent him in a conversation on Google to see if those images exist on the internet previously and confirm if it’s real or fake.

Use that water very easy all you have to do is select the image and then choose Image Search Search Image to whatsapp, hike photo automatically to Google and display the search results.

ميزة البحث العكسي عن الصور

Feature a reverse image search

To see these and other advantages of light through soon with periodic updates requested by WhatsApp to the users.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user.

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